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Movie : 11:14

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Bong WaterŽ
Energized Soft Drinks™

We're in the movies!

Bong WaterŽ Energized Soft Drinks™ featured in a new movie that just finished filming in Hollywood in September, 2002!

We are excited about being in a major motion picture!  (We don't know when it will be released, but we will keep you posted.)

The picture is titled: "11:14" and features such awesome talent as Academy Award winning actress and major hottie, Hilary Swank!

Also starring, Colin Hanks(son of Tom Hanks) and Ben Foster (both in pic sent to us by the movie), Rachel Leigh Cook and Kieran Culkin.

11:14 - The Movie Logo

What's the movie about? -"11:14 is an ironic thriller that tell the stories of five suburbanites whose lives are interconnected in ways that they may never know. The puzzle unfolds chronologically backwards so that the movie ends up where it began, at the ominous 11:14 pm."

(We not only supplied the Bong WaterŽ enjoyed by the cast and crew, we sent them 200 commemorative t-shirts... which we will make available for purchase via this website soon.)

You can contact us at:
Scramento California