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Road Kill Pizza

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Tuesday, January 23, 2007 6:33 am Eastern Time

Press Release

SOURCE: Road Pizza Company

Colts vs. Bears, Superbowl XLI Roadkill Pizza

MERRILLVILLE, Indiana, Tuesday, January 23, 2007/BeverageMarketing/ -- Next
time you run over roadkill, realize you just ran over a potential meat
topping for that piece of pizza pie from your grocer's freezer, it's also a
cheap source of toppings for pizza in the eyes of an Indiana man who hopes
to market a new line of Roadkill Frozen Pizza. He is literally
on-the-road-again scooping up roadkill and making frozen pizza pies out of
highway flattened critters. It will come in a 'cheesy' strange looking
cardboard pizza box with a tire track running through the middle of the pie.
The pizza is still under development, but the promotional pizza push has
begun, before Johnny-come-lately competitors - start driving down the back
roads looking for tasty new toppings.
Inventor Ira Scott says he is preparing to unveil what he claims will be the
world's first roadkill pizza. It's called Road Pizza. Scott says he got the
idea for roadkill pizza after he make a late-night pizza run, and had
stopped to help a fellow motorist and almost became roadkill, himself,
fortunately only his carry-out pizza became pizza roadkill, Scott still has
the original tire track box. A pizza gourmet by nature, with a taste for
adventure Scott tried his unique highway pizza concept out on his
unsuspecting college buddies, and they loved it, so now he is out on the
Indiana back roads scooping up flattened critters while selling his strange
pizza concept to c-store and supermarket buyers.
"The type of animals you accidentally run over while driving your car
determines the flavor profile of your pizza, it's the ultimate mystery meat
lover's experience," said Scott. "Toppings could differ only by the
geographical region, say alligator in Florida or armadillo in Texas or
perhaps flattened groundhog in Pennsylvania." explained Scott. For the New
Colts vs. Bears, Superbowl XLI Pizza, we are using imported Canadian bear
meat and USDA ground horse meat from France where it is considered a
delicacy." said Scott.
"Dining with Scott is a real culinary adventure, he is reinventing pizza,"
says Richard H. Davis, President of Beverage Marketing USA, Inc. "However,
on the pizza package in fine print, it says it contains NO M-S-G, but I
would prefer it to state: CONTAINS NO D-O-G in bold lettering," joked Davis.
"Scott is thinking outside the box, the 'cheesy' pizza box that is." said


Road Pizza Company
Ira Scott, (219) 916-8402
SOURCE: Road Pizza Company

Scramento California