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420 Manifesto

420 Manifesto


Thesis of the inquiry into the origin of 420.

420 is a numerical acronym that describes the knowledge that has been stolen from the American people since our judicial system stopped informing juries of their absolute power.

The founding fathers of the United States did not trust government, so they gave government very little power. Real power was reserved for the fourth and all-powerful branch of the government referred to in the constitutional statement, "We the people..." whom the founders did trust.

To guarantee that American citizens would always have control over their government, the founders created a constitutional republic in which every citizen was given three votes. They stated that a three-vote republic is the only form of government in which the power and the final say so could be retained in the hands of the people. With their constitutional right of three-vote veto power, American citizens would have the right and duty to nullify any law that would cause harm to their nation.

The three-vote system works as follows:

The first vote in a 420 Republic is the same as in a democracy in that it is used to elect representatives who then construct the laws. This is why America is mistakenly called a "democracy". Because in a democracy, these laws are absolute and must be obeyed. In a 420 Republic, the laws passed must first be returned to the people for judgement and approval. This judgement takes place in two separate votes.

Vote number one takes place when a Grand Jury meets. Each member seated on the jury must judge the lawą. If the law passed by our representatives is being misapplied or is dangerous to a free people; it must be struck down with a refusal to grant an indictment. If the jury does not give an indictment, the government has no power.

Vote number two takes place on the petty (trial) jury level. When all else fails to protect the 420 Republic and the people, there remains the second vote. Which is the last chance to stop a government out of control. If even one juror disapproves of the law (in most states) and votes not guilty, the jury is hung and the government has no power. This second vote on the petty (trial) jury level is the most powerful vote in America.

To control their government, Americans reserved the right to judge the law for themselves. So, when seated on a jury, Americans have two duties to perform not just one of deciding guilty.

The first duty when serving on a jury is to judge the law. Every time a jury meets, the law must be judged. If the law being applied is not good for a free people, it must be vetoed with a not guilty vote.

The second duty is to examine the evidence and determine if the defendant committed the crime, as charged, or if there is a victim. If there is no victim, there can be no crime! But is there any reason to examine the evidence or identify the victim if the jury has already decided the law is being wrongfully applied or is a bad law and must be struck down?

A symbol has been established to remind Americans that they live in a constitutional republic and not a "great democracy" as many proclaim.

420 Empowerment

420 Empowerment represents how the United States was constructed to empower the people and to protect us from our own government.

Use 420 to restore the lost knowledge. Herein is the meaning of 420:

4 = We the people are the fourth and all powerful branch of government and have the absolute power and duty to nullify bad law put forth by our public servants.

2 = We have two duties when serving on a jury. To judge the law first, and then the evidence, facts, and the validity of the indictment or charging information.

0 = Zero convictions will result from bad laws and the government will not have power against the very people it was designed to serve.

With the doctrine of 420, Americans can reclaim their country from evil. The 420 doctrine can further empower the citizens to control their public servants and force them to obey the constitution that created this nation.

Do you want change in America? Then seek jury duty and vote the vote that truly counts. Remember, each individual juror has more power than the President does, all of Congress does, and all of the judges combined.

Our founding fathers greatest fear was that eventually the government would legislate power from the judicial branch and usurp the power rightfully belonging to a free people. They said that if anything could prevent this drift to a totalitarian government, it would be guaranteed through trial by jury and the option for the 420 jury to nullify bad laws.

Thomas Jefferson made this very clear when he said in 1789:

"I consider trial by jury as the only anchor ever yet imagined by man, by which a government can be held to the principles of it's constitution."

As a juror in a trial setting, you are above the law. You are answerable only to your own conscience. Any juror can with impunity choose to disregard the instructions of any judge servant or attorney in rendering his/her vote. The law is whatever a juror says it is when he/she is seated on a jury.

In 1972 the District of Columbia Circuit Court of Appeals held that the jury has an "unreviewable and irreversible power... to acquit in disregard of the instructions on the law given by the trial judge. The pages of history shine upon instances of the jury to exercise its prerogative to disregard instructions of the judge. For example; acquittals under the fugitive slave law."

Remember the judge is not the judge, the jury is. The judge is merely the referee and a neutral legal advisor. If even one juror should vote "not guilty" for any reason, the jury is hung and there is no conviction and no punishment. This means that those acting in the name of government must come before the common man and get permission to enforce a law.

420 power lies in your local courtroom. The judge cannot change a juror's vote or not guilty - your judgement is absolute and final.

With 420 power, a jury must come from a cross section of America and not out of a government computer. Each juror is representing another American when he/she passes judgement on a law.

The failure of judges to inform jurors of their 420 power to nullify laws is a conspiracy of silence. It is a sign of a corrupt government, determined to rule citizens through public ignorance when a juror accepts a judge's instructions to follow the law given by the judge. By doing so, he/she has undone all of the careful planning of the founders of our Constitution of the United States of America (the original 420 Republic).

Where did judges get this authority not to instruct jurors of their absolute power?

Before 1895 it was routine for judges to inform jurors of their full range of rights. Then special interest groups pressured for a judicial decision that would limit a juror's power. But, no judge would dare rule that a jury did not have absolute power. However, a Supreme Court split decision in 1895 ruled that, henceforth, it would be up to a trial judge to inform his/her jury of their real power. Most judges have decided not to inform their juries.

In an attempt to eliminate 420 power, the Supreme Court ruled in the seminal federal case of SPARE vs. U.S. of 1895, that defense attorneys who attempt to inform jurors of their rightful power can be cited for contempt of court. The court held that while juries retain the right to nullify law, attorneys may not inform them they have this power.

How can anyone get a fair trial if juries are kept ignorant of their rights and duties to themselves and their fellow citizens? Is it not apparent that the courts have neutralized juries and made them merely rubber stamps?

The doctrine of 420 Empowerment in relation to jury veto power is almost never mentioned in our courtrooms or taught in our schools. This has caused a near total elimination of the knowledge of the 420 Republic.

For Americans to take charge again, they must be informed on how and when to use their two votes to control government and re-establish the jury as the final check and balance upon government.

One juror in twelve can hang a jury and stop bad government dead in its tracks. The Bill of Rights gave veto power to the jury so that the cumulative actions of less than 8% (one in twelve jurors) of the population can act to protect our civil and human rights from special interests and totalitarian government.

Remember that the person that makes the final decision is the boss. We are told that in 1919, Prohibition was placed into the U.S. Constitution and became the law of the land... or did it? Prohibition was repealed because half of the juries refused to convict. Jurors realized that the law was a cause of more problems and crime than the use of alcohol, and they just quit convicting fellow citizens for its usage and distribution. The government had too many jobs at stake for them to repeal Prohibition, so "We the people" did it for them. Now, that's 420-jury power in action.

Our current government molds the law so that they may commit legal plunder on society. All that is required for them to go on ruling is for us to go on obeying bad laws. Just as the Germans did under Hitler. The founding fathers instructed Americans not to obey all the laws, but to challenge them and take them before a jury of their peers. For when you obey all the laws unchallenged, the government will make bad laws. And when you have obeyed bad laws, you will wake up a slave in your own country.

"Jurors are obliged to bring in verdicts according to their own best understanding, judgement, and conscience through indirect opposition to the direction of the court." -- President John Adams

"The jury has the right to determine both the law and the facts." -- Supreme Court Justice Samuel Chase in 1804

The great 19th Century Libertarian Lysander Spooner said:

"The jury was the key to freedom. Unless the jury was free to pass judgement on the law as well as on the defendant, it would be reduced to a service function. In that case, government determines what are its own powers over the people, instead of the people determining what are their own liberties against the government. In short, if the jury has no right to judge of the justice of a law of the government, (It) plainly can do nothing to protect the people against the oppression of the government; for there are no oppressions which the government may not authorize by law. Any 12 citizens taken at random, are more trustworthy than several hundred politicians."

Unquestioned obedience is wrong. America is being gradually smothered by even more laws and the people have been made to believe they are a democracy and that they have no control over their own government. In a true democracy, the people do not, but in a three-vote 420 Republic they do. Because the only real power a judge or a politician has is when you give them yours! The old adage, "You can't fight city hall" is a dangerous falsehood proliferated by the media to keep people from trying.

420 Empowerment represents freedom as passed onto us by the founders of our nation. Since "We the people..." are the fourth and all-powerful branch of the government. America is whatever you want it to be when you sit on a jury. Sound scary? It is what the founders called freedom.

There is nothing that has been done to America that cannot be corrected by jurors armed with the knowledge of 420.

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